The sheath

The sheath is the final covering of the cable and is aimed at protecting it from the external environment.

One of the most used materials by Cavi Europackis a thermoplastic resin called PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is used primarily for indoor cables and offers a good level of water resistance and protection from UV rays.

On the contrary, for outdoor or highly moist surroundings, Cavi Europack produces different sheathes in polyethylene (PE),which, although less flexible than PVC, ensures a strong protection from UV radiation and offers the maximum guarantee of hygroscopic impermeability.
For safety purposes in case of danger of fire, Cavi Europack produces special sheaths called  LSZH (Low-Smoke-Zero-Halogen): these sheaths are made of a thermoplastic compound, which, in case of fire, ensures a very low emission of fumes, a halogen gas emission lower than 0.1% and a minimum degree of toxicity of gases, as indicated by current regulations.

Taking care of the respect for the environment, Cavi Europack also produces a line of sheaths called  “eco-friendly”, which precisely meets the increasingly widespread needs of environmental protection.