The dielectric

The dielectric  is extruded with the gas-injected system. This product is made with a so-called “skin-foam-skin” technology, namely a triple extrusion that allows to lead and structure three distinct flows. The first layer (internal skin) covers the conductor with a thin layer of solid polyethylene; the second layer is represented by the foam (compound expanded by gas) and, at last, another thin layer of solid polyethylene (outer skin) laminated over the underlying foam.

Besides protecting from oxidation caused by the contact of the conductor with any external undesired element, the internal skin improves eccentricity performances ensuring a correct geometry of the dielectric in all the conditions of use and a proper adhesion force between foam and inner conductor.
Compared to previous technologies, the (gas injected) foam gives the product advantages in terms of electrical and ageing performances.
The outer skin helps protect the cellular structure of the foam and give the dielectric an increased strength.

A further feature of the outer skin, which is important for aesthetic purposes, is the ability to apply a colour on the semifinished dielectric, which aims at characterizing and identifying the cable..
This is a really appreciated functional solution and  Cavi Europack  has been the first one to introduce it on the international market.